It’s over.

by skazm // September 2nd, 2011

Metal Israel is officially closing up shop – except on Facebook. If you’re an Israeli music blog who’d like to become Israel’s representative on the Music Alliance Pact, please contact me. The archives will remain online.

I love it when Jews kick ass in Germany…Israel’s HAMMERCULT Wins The WOA Metal Battle

by skazm // August 17th, 2011
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Sweden and Finland, move over. For the second time in three years, Israeli band Hammercult has defeated almost 30 bands from across the globe to win the Wacken Metal Battle. Hammercult is relatively new to the Israeli metal scene, though its members are all alumna of other established bands. Elad Manor and Arie Aranovich also play in The Fading, the Wacken Metal Battle winners of 2008.

Check out Hammercult’s Facebook page.

And check out their awesome photos of the show by clicking on the pic below…

Grave Digger in Jerusalem 30.6.11

by skazm // June 30th, 2011
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Check out these photos of Grave Digger touring the Old City of Jerusalem today taken by friend and awesome photographer of Metal Israel, Oleg Hmelnits. Click on the photo above to see.

Gene Simmons At His Father’s Grave

by skazm // June 29th, 2011
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From Arutz 7 and Virtual Jerusalem… Gene Simmons cries at his father’s grave. Just goes to show, a Jew is a Jew, no matter high up on the food chain he gets.

It still hurts to see his personal pain splashed up all over here like this, though, even if he did it himself for his own TV show… Hashem yishmor.

Orphaned Land: Entire Hellfest Performance Available Online

by skazm // June 24th, 2011
Mischief, Show Review

Check it out….

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, here’s about seven minutes of Kobi Farhi preaching his gospel of world peace through music (which happens to be in this instance through a song called Norra El Norra honoring G-d and the Torah as well as other funky music) posted by Century Media.

Here are the lyrics in case you’re interested :)

Buzzer: Israeli Sludgemongers

by skazm // June 24th, 2011

HaKarat HaTov Elchanan Flesch for posting!

Metalling Raanana 7 – 30.6.11 – Moadon HaMertaf

by skazm // June 22nd, 2011

Cool line-up, one of whom, Hammercult, is representing Israel at Wacken this year.

Israeli Groove Metal/Hardcore Pioneer GodWrath Announces New Vocalist

by skazm // June 22nd, 2011
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Photo: Ofir Abe

To those who remember, and to those who don’t, about half a year ago, GodWrath’s singer Michal Eitan left the band. It hurt all of us here at the GodWrath camp but we knew how important it is to move on , and did a special show that featured many vocalists from famous Israeli Metal bands such as Eternal Grey, Phantom Pain, Prey for Nothing, Acropolis, Demented Sanity and Through Bleeding Eyes.

After this last show, we entered a very intense period of working in the background – On one hand, we kept working on new materials and “tightning the metal-machine”, and on the other hand kept on auditioning new singers, in a hope to find the fourth piece in our GodWrath puzzle.

After half a year’s break – we’re happy to announce our newest addition to the GodWrath family – Israel Soriano. Israel joined the band about 3 months ago, in which we kept working in the background and prepare ourselves to provide you with the best metal experience after all this time without a show. We’re extremely happy with him joining the family, and we’re sure you’ll be as well :)

Right now we’re still writing new materials and new songs, but for the time being you can still listen to our old debut E.P. “Immersed in Flames” (with Michal on vocals) on our Facebook page for free, while we’re working on new surprises for you which we’re sure you’re gonna love :)

And… after all the brain-fucking, We guess you want a show, right? Well, you won’t have to wait long. GodWrath will be the “surprise-band” on Metalling Ra’anana VII next Thursday (30.6) at Moadon HaMartef in Ra’anana. Ra’anan is our home turf with our home crowd and we couldn’t be happier to have GodWrath’s debut 2011 show there :)

We’re looking forward to headbanging with all of you next Thursday!
See ya all soon!

Check our our official site and our Facebook page.

Lion Of Judea: Salem’s Nir Nakav Moonlighting In A Cool Way

by skazm // June 21st, 2011

Check it out! The ending is quite metal.

JANAZA: A Female Blasphemous Black Metal Solo Project From Iraq

by skazm // June 20th, 2011

An anti-Islam black metal band, formed within Iraq itself… looks like freedom really does pay off… read more at Metal Injection

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