Israeli Metal Fans Boycott Metallica

The iconic Metallica is scheduled for a May 22 appearance in the Ramat Gan stadium but producer Marcel Avram is charging no less than 600 shekel for the cheapest seats (around $159 according to today’s exchange rate) while floor seats are twice that price.

Israeli metal fans are livid at the insult and have already banded together on Facebook to initiate a boycott of the show. Over 540 fans have already committed to boycotting the show.

The initiators of the boycott state that Metallica tickets do not cost nearly as much as this in the rest of the world and assert that the promoter is trying to take advantage of loyal Metallica fans. They propose that tickets should cost from 300 – 600 shekel depending on the quality of seat – prices that are still high for the Israeli metal scene – international bands come to Israel all the time and tickets generally run from the 175-250 range.

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  1. IN addition to what was written upstairs there is also a petition to decrease the price of the show please sign up over here:

    And spread to your friends, by saying don’t let anyone to be rich just because we are music fans or hardcore fans of Metallica.
    The price is outrages and we must stop it now because next time they would demand even more, stop it now!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. [...] More than 500 followers on have “committed” to boycotting the concert, Metal Israel reported on [...]

  4. [...] More than 500 followers on have “committed” to boycotting the concert, Metal Israel reported on [...]

    Herewith an other site on Facebook about the DISGUSTING prices for the coming Metallica show.
    This organizer,who is asking NIS1200.- for a front-place at the show,doesn’t understand one sh*t about Metal!!
    Metal is for the “people” not for some nouveau-rich,elite Yuppies of Tel-Aviv!!Put this “elite” stuff on the stands with their tickets of NIS1200 and give the PIT back to the Israeli metal-fans for a normal price and without fences!!


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  8. They absolutely SHOULD boycott the show for those prices! I saw Metallica in Wisconsin last January, and bleacher/cheapest seats were $50, less than one-third what Israel’s fans are being gouged! Ridiculous!

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