Metal Israel Seeking Artists for Compilations

I’m proud to announce that Metal Israel, well, got a record deal.
Kind of.

I’ve been asked to produce two compilations for a label with major distribution.

1. A compilation of the best songs/bands Israel has to offer. It will be called Best of Metal Israel.

2. A compilation of hannukah songs written by artists from Israel and chul. It will be called “Hard and Heavy Chanukah” or something less gay. We’re doing this because we’re sick of Jewish artists doing Xmas albums and want to represent. We are seeking traditional Chanukah songs done in QUALITY metal…this is open to all nationalities but the Israeli scene being much more talented than most, I am hoping to see Israeli representation ba tiruf.

Some rules.

Unsigned bands only.
No heresy.
No girl singers.

If anyone is interested in the first compilation, please email me at metalisrael at gmail with the best song you feel you have.
If anyone is interested in either compilation but doesn’t have anything ready, I give you all a month and a half to get yourselves together, because that is when I am going to Los Angeles, Bezrat Hashem.

Get to work, people. This could be a tremendous opportunity for the right bands.

8 Responses to “Metal Israel Seeking Artists for Compilations”

    check it out.

  2. I must ask, why girls only? what if some girl can growl (like Arch Enemy’s Angela Gossow)

  3. Why no girl singers?

  4. Check

  5. Man I wish I could growl like her. Anyway I despise female nongrowling vocals with rare exception so I doubt I would use them even if I wasn’t a dosit because of my personal taste.

    Especially bc most girls are doing the metal as a sex thing or ego trip “lookit me I’m so pretty” fooch do pop or something go away

  6. Check, the “best” songs are there, the quality is quite horrid but that’s for your judgement

  7. That has to be just one more of the dumbest “ideas” i’ve heard as usual coming from some corporate sponsored and corporate ass-kissing sheep who dont have any Truly good ideas about how to showcase original band’s talents without making a mockery of them first. Morons……. Humor is essential but to offer new bands this kind of so-called deal without first wanting to showcase their original material proves you’re only interested in your profit margin and not the REAL Art of the matter. Just
    another half-baked money making gimmick.

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